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Since 1981, Davis Cricket Club has been nurturing talent and providing opportunities for players from different countries to fine-tune their cricketing skills. Our Club has an excellent blend of talent from Guyana and the rest of the West Indies, along with India, Pakistan, New Zealand, England, Australia, Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Zimbabwe and several other nations. Davis Cricket Club members include Professors, Research Scholars, Students, Professionals and visitors from Davis, Sacramento, Folsom and surrounding areas. In recent years, we have shifted our club from a University Sports Club to an independent outfit. In the changing process we have been blessed with great support from employees of Intel Corp., Folsom.

We have participated in all aspects of cricket in Northern California. Davis has won  most of the trophies awarded by the league, and our players are recognized every year for individual performances.  The club captured the Bank of India Cup in 1985. In 1987 we took home the B-Division title, the Bank of India Cup, as well as several individual performance trophies and the team was promoted to the A-Division of NCCA. The Club has been very competitive in the six-a-side tournament, winning the cup several times. In 1994, the club captured the Mike Mueller Cup. In 1995 the team gave a brilliant performance and once again brought the Bank of India Cup to Davis.

Davis Cricket Club is known for its hospitality, and was delighted to host the British Airways team in 1985, followed by the Bahamas in 1987, Argentina in 1989, and a County Cricket team from England in 1991. We were honored in 1989 by having the North vs. South California game played at our ground, this being the first time the game was played away from Marin.  Davis Cricket Club also jointly hosted the New Jersey Cricket Association team from 1990 to 1992.

Our club has promoted cricket in the Sacramento area and is involved socially with five different teams playing in the area. Some of these teams will join the NCCA in the near future. We are also joining the NCCA in its effort to take cricket to the schools. With this in mind we are using the Birch Lane School facility as our home so we can teach cricket to this school and surrounding schools.

1999 was a mixed bag of success for Davis cricket club. Although, our team finished 2nd in the C-Division League Standings we fell short of the high standards set by past teams of this club. On the bright side, we gained substantial new talent during the season as evidenced by several individual performance trophies that we won. A nice blend of youth and experience bodes well for the future of this club.

The team is back for the 2000 season with renewed vigor and is training hard to achieve our goals. After twenty years, cricket is still alive at Davis Cricket Club and is guaranteed to be here for many years to come. Come join us for tea relax and enjoy an afternoon of cricket.

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